The Other Side

What is it like to die?

Excerpts from Lest We Be Forgotten

"...I am with many Angels, it's beautiful, I feel beautiful, I feel happy. There is nothing to be afraid of. I wish you peace and happiness and I'll see you soon". "My daughter, tell her to talk to me, because I can hear her when she talks to me and I am never far away".

"...I was trembling and a hand reached out for me, but I was holding on to my wife and I wasn't going to let her go, but I took the hand that reached out for me". "Everything I felt I needed was attached to this hand. I took hold of this hand and then I remember weeping. I was weeping with so many emotions, like a child in its mothers arms. That's all I can remember, how good it felt to be where I was and to be able to weep and know that it was OK to weep and that I was being cared for". Tell our kids that we are OK They will think we suffered, but we did not". "We are in a kitchen, yes, we are in a kitchen and we are visiting with family and friends". I asked, "In the spirit world?" Man replied, "Yes, spirit to you, real to us. It's different in many ways of course; It's not like anything I ever remember seeing". "Lift your spirits (on earth), don't go through life with your head down, lift your head up".

"...I remember being very frightened because I didn't know what to expect and that I didn't want to be left alone". Then I remember someone calling my name. I began running toward this little girl. She was calling my name, she was in a green field flying a kite and she called for me to join her. We ran and laughed while flying the kite on a beautiful sunny day. She called out my name over and over to come help her fly the kite. After, I felt peaceful and calm, I could see my husband standing in the distance, then I ran to him". "There is a lot more going on up here than you think". "Lift your spirits, don't go through life with your head down, lift your head up". I asked them if they had any special instructions regarding the care of their body if and when it is found. Woman replies, "Throw it in the trash heap, I suppose it is in the trash heap by now".

"...I miss my family; I should have spent more time with them. I should not have come here. I would like my time back. I missed everything that was important".  I asked Male if he was unhappy and he said, "No, I have a new life now, but I have many regrets. I should have done things differently". "Yes, I learned from my life". He continues with, "I now walk freely and hope to do better". "I am at peace, I am at rest, and I am at a new dawn". He made a joke and said, "I'm finally on vacation". He showed me an image of himself at a beach. Male said, "I walk freely with no hindrances". "I did not suffer".

"...Yes, it's very beautiful here, "Tell my husband, I am happy here, I am with , (sounds like mamma). Music surrounds me, and the smell of roses". There is everything here I could want and need. Do not take your life for granted. Do the things you were talking about doing". "Take a trip to the mountains, the holy of holiest places is in your heart. Together that is where we will be and shall remain, no time for tears, don't waste your life". Then she explained that she is with her husband when he walks through the garden. She said, "We will meet again". As I pray for Female, she sits on a bench in a garden of roses and taps on the bench next to her, indicating she is saving a seat next to her for her husband when he comes. She will be waiting for him in the rose garden.

"...I saw Jesus, he said to go with him and he would set me free". I asked Male, "Are you really free?" Male replied, "Yes, but I chose to beg for forgiveness and mercy and cleanse my soul".

Female raises her arms over her head and suddenly I see large butterflies covering her. "I'm in a sea of butterflies", she said. I asked her if she was alone, "No, there are many of us. There are children and I have plenty to do. It is just like being home but without you, (referring to her father). "I feel free up here; there is nothing that is bothering me. It is peaceful and joyful. I can spread my wings and be one with the butterfly".

Male said, "I miss my dog". "I do remember seeing my dog". I asked male, "Do you remember how you got from the airplane to where you are now?" Male replied, "Yes, I remember seeing my dog, my dog came running toward me. I greeted my dog and then we left the plane". I asked male if he could describe to me where he was now, he said, "yes, I met my dog and he took me to where some friends and family were gathered waiting for me". Then he said, "The plane didn't matter any longer. I am content where I am now". You know those things you worry so much about in life, they have no place here, and they are obsolete.

 "...Alive? No, not in the physical sense. I am surrounded by beauty everywhere I look. There is peace and harmony. I prayed to God and when I woke up, I was here". "There is a babbling brook, I walk in it to cool my feet. The birds sing all around me. I praise God that all is well". "Tell them that peace abounds, the moment of truth is near, accept it in your heart, this will set you free". Then she waved her finger back and forth in front of her saying, "Don't take your life for granted, see the beauty in everything. I am at peace, I am grateful for my bounties".

"...I had everything to lose, but I will rebuild my life where I am". "In a marshmallow heaven, you can fall down and not get hurt".

"...There is beauty all around me, everywhere I look, there is peace and calm. I can paint and I am free". "It's very generous here, not like down there, the living, where it's hurry, hurry. Up here, it is calm and quiet and you can take your time, there is no need to hurry, no need to rush, you can savor your moments".

"...I remember thanking God that it was over because I felt so peaceful, quiet and calm". "I was walking in a green valley with other passengers, we were being led somewhere. I could see people moving in different directions. Then I heard my name called. They told me to come to them and that they will take me home. I felt very drawn to go with them. I felt like it was the right thing for me to do, as if I belonged there."

"...I am alive, where, where am I alive?" "No, we are in heaven with the angels; tell my children we are in heaven with the angels watching over them. We are together, we are fine, and we are at peace. We did not want to go, but now that we have we must all accept it".

"...I opened my eyes and I saw stars, like in a night sky". She then showed me the image of a male figure reaching his arm down to her; she took hold of his hand. Up and out of the water, he pulled her to meet him. When she came out of the water, she showed herself as a young girl. The man picked her up in his arms and said, "I've got you now". He then walked away with the woman/girl in his arms.

I asked male if he was aware that he no longer had a physical body and that he was in spirit. He placed his hand to his chest and jokingly said, "Am I dead, wholly crap. I don't feel dead, well, maybe I do". "I remember now, I was walking through the tunnel and I met someone that I know". He showed me the image of a male spirit coming from the other end of the tunnel to greet him with a handshake and a pat on the shoulder. I then saw the male spirit usher him down and out of the tunnel.

"...I am in a holding facility waiting to be transferred someplace loving and peaceful, a place of my desire". "Oh, I remember now, a little girl approached me and handed me some flowers. She took my hand and guided me to where I am now". "I'm in a group of the other passengers waiting to be released". "It was welcoming after the experience I had just had. It was very calm and peaceful and it's where I wanted to be".

"...I am with my family, I heard them calling for me and I went toward them. I am at peace, this is a happy place, I like where I am. I will do well here, I have much to look forward to". "You will do fine and one day you will be here too, there is nothing to be frightened of". She continued with, "I am going swimming, I am in the water, then I am on the beach, it is sunny. The sun is very bright, I see my family and they are calling for me. Everyone is so happy to see me, I feel so happy I run to them. I am at peace; I am happy where I am".

"...I was lifted up by angels, yes, many angels surrounded me and lifted me up by my arms and we flew up, out of the darkness. I saw many others lifted up, babies in the arms of angels. I thought I must be going up to heaven. It was very peaceful, calm and I have no fears, and now I am speaking with you". "I've taken long walks in the park, I have time to myself, I have time to think, I have time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me". "My life is here now".

"...A woman came to me and took my hand, she said she would take me to where I need to be, and she said she will take me to my family". My message is to go on with your life without us, finish your life, and meet us here; we will be ready for you. I don't feel like I am missing anything, I feel very content and happy".

"...I'm in a beautiful place, I can sit and think, it is peaceful and quiet. I can sit and watch the sunset. I am loved, my family is with me. It will take some time, but I know I will feel better soon".

"...We were brought here together by a horse and buggy carriage". I asked her to describe to me where she was now, she said, "To a large farm, it's very peaceful and quiet. It is in the country with lots of trees and fresh air". Her husband spoke and said, "This is where we imagined to go". I said, "You imagined to go together", and he replied, "Yes, we wanted to be together". She then said, "I was very frightened and I didn't want to be alone". "I'm in the country, it's peaceful and quiet, fresh air, open space. It's very green and calming, this is where we would like to stay". "Yes, this is a beautiful place".

"...It was a gift from God, a dove flew down to greet me. Then a hand reached out for me, he told me to go with him, that he would take me to safety and I felt very peaceful. I did not feel as though I should worry any longer. All of my fears had vanished". She continued with, "I asked the man what had happened and where was I?" He told me the plane had crashed and I was safe now. I felt very warm, like a warm blanket of love has been wrapped around my shoulders". , "It's very peaceful and a lot of colors and a lot of stars in the sky." "The babies went first; they always take the babies first". I asked her, "Who?' and she replied, "The angels, the angels came for the babies".

"...I was handed a light. A light was placed in my lap. I took hold of the light and raised it over my head. I went with the light, I held on and went with it to where it was going. I believe it was going up". I asked her if she felt that she was traveling through the water, she said, "No not the water, just up through the dark. All I could see was the light". I asked her to describe to me where she is now, she said, "I feel as though I'm in a school yard. I have children all around me laughing and playing. It is very carefree here". I asked her if she had a message for her children, She said, "A mother is never far from her children, I trust they are in good hands, capable hands. I am at peace and I am feeling well".

"...I was hurled through time and space". I asked him, "Where did you land?" He replied, "On a beach near a jungle. There were men; they said they were waiting for me to take me to safety, that I was to go with them". I asked him to look around and describe to me where he is now. He replied, "I am home, I am where I need to be".

"...I am in a small village near the water. There are mountains around me and I am in a green valley. I am with friends and family. I feel very comfortable, peaceful, and content. I feel as if I belong here, I have a great sense of belonging". "Enjoy my art, and live in peace. Take heed in the messages, for they are more real than you think".

"...I remember falling, moving un-restricted. I also remember being at a lake with ducks and geese. I wanted to sit and feed the ducks and Geese". "A man came up from behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder. He told me it was time to go now, time to go to be with my family".

She said, she recalls a flash of light. "I remember being in my seat, then angels that looked like fireflies all lit up, flew all around me. Then I reached up to touch them". I asked her, "How did you feel around the fireflies?" She replied, "I wanted to be one of them". I asked her where she was now. She said, "I'm with the other fireflies".

"...I was with a herd of beautiful galloping horses".

I told him that I am very happy that he has found peace. He replied, "Peace and gratitude". I asked him what he was grateful for, he said, "the kindness that everyone has shown me. I was made to feel very welcomed here". I asked him if he would describe to me where he was. He said, "I'm in a small village in Peking, that is where I chose to go. I am very happy here". I asked him what he was doing in the village, he said, "I work with my hands, I create, I am very satisfied. It is very quiet and peaceful here. I feel like I am doing some good". . He says he was pulled out of a fire. Someone pulled him out. He thinks his legs were not working. "Once he pulled you out, this man, where did he take you?" I asked him. He replied, "He said we were to go with him and he would take us to safety". "And where did he take you?" I asked. "Here" the man replied. I asked him, "Where is here?" "To my village. There had been an accident and I was to wait here for my family". I asked him, "Did he tell you that you are in spirit and that your body did not survive the accident?" He replied, "Yes, at first I was very upset but I am at peace now". I asked him if he wanted to go back and see his body to be sure he is in spirit. He replied, "No, why would I want to do that? I have everything I need here". I asked him if he had any instructions for what he would like to have done to his body when they find the airplane. He said, "right now I am in a mass grave". "Do you mean that all of the passengers and crews bodies are together?" He replied, "Yes, we are all together in the plane. There are those who still will not leave their bodies, they are staying next to them" I asked him, "Do you think they are waiting for a proper burial?" He said, "They are waiting, yes, they don't want to leave. They are afraid to leave; they are clinging to their old ways".

"...I raised my arms up, I was like a child being lifted up by my grandfather. I went into my grandfather's arms. They were very strong and comforting, they held me tightly and I was not afraid anymore".  "There are beautiful gardens all around and I take joy in the tranquil waters".

Heaven at Last by HjalmarWahlin on DeviantArt

"The plane is in the ocean at the southern most tip of the Maldives" -The Captain

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My spirit guide is showing me that a device was detonated on board MH370 and the plane was blown into many many pieces mid air, the explosion was so intense that the pieces are literally scattered so far apart across the ocean, some are even now stuck and partially buried in the ocean. This device being detonated was a deliberate act of terror which was very carefully planned and conducted. The person responsible sacrificed their own life in order to carry out this sickening attack and they did it as an extremist. This person didn’t act solely and had some assistance and was encouraged to act this way in revenge by terrorist groups. I am being told by my spirit guide that it happened instantly so like one press of a button and the plane was blown to smithereens.

I am told by my spirit guide that the odd piece may be recovered from the ocean over time and even years and years into the future but the plane is in so many small pieces that basically no. The only way the mystery will be resolved is if the authorities can trace the making and gaining of materials of the explosive device here to someone who was on board that plane and then they can start to piece together the puzzle but still it’ll never be a definite answer and would be left as a ‘it’s likely this happened’.

Psychic Answers MH370

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