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#1 Female, crew, Malaysia

I must begin with this one because she cannot move past her anger. I fear for her soul and wish to bring her peace and comfort. She is insistent that I tell her story!
Upon connecting with --, "He has no right to do this to me", is what I heard her say. "Who, I asked. "The (crew member), is he out of his mind", she replied. She continued with, "You took an oath to protect us and look what you are doing, you could be my father. Why do you hate us"?
I then heard the word "engine"
I asked -- why she was angry with the (crew member), she replied, "Because he lied to us. He said we were turning because of the engine".
Then I saw the image of -- pointing her finger in anger at a male crew member, she was saying, "You have no right, you have no right. You must stop this now! Are you out of your mind? What will we do, you must take mercy on us. You must have pity, why would you kill us this way, we want to go home".
Then I hear, "Shut up or I will kill you first". I then saw -- shoved into the seats; I am uncertain who shoved her.
--- said, "All I could think of is that I must not let this happen".
I asked ---, "At what point did you realize there was nothing you could do?' She replied, "I never stopped fighting, he would have to kill me first".
I wanted to pull --- away from that line of questions for a moment and have her give messages to her family and the world. I do this to keep them from becoming agitated and shutting down.
--- said, "I want you to be proud of me, I fought until the final end".
I asked ---, "Who was responsible for taking your life"? She replied, "The (crew member), he stood calm, like he would do nothing to help us. I told him he was a traitor".
I asked --- what she wanted the world to know, she replied, "You can't let this happen, look how stupid you are".
I asked her, "Who is stupid?" She replied, "They all are, they all look the other way, they think because he is the (crew member), they don't have to look at him. They are protecting him. That is not helping us. How can that help us if they are looking the other way for him?"
Then I told ---, "I'm going to ask you one more time to be sure, is it the (crew member) you are talking about?" She replied, "Yes, he betrayed us, he is a traitor. We are his children; he is supposed to take care of us".
I asked --- if she felt it was in the ocean or on land, she replied, "It's in many places".
Then --- said, "You will find me in my seat". I told her that I believe I saw you a year ago, in your seat, the day of the crash. I asked her if she remembers me, "No, but I see you now", she replied.
I asked--- what she wants to say to her family, she said, "Daddy I love you, tell mommy I love her, I will miss you both. You would be proud of me".
I asked her if she has something to say to her daughter, she said, "My darling daughter, stop crying. You cannot hear me when you cry. If you think I am going to forget you, I am not. I will come and see you often; I will bring you many gifts".
Then -- says, "I am with many Angels, it's beautiful, I feel beautiful, I feel happy. There is nothing to be afraid of. I wish you peace and happiness and I'll see you soon".
I asked ---if I could come and see her again, she said, "I would love that. You are my friend now. We are friends now. It is important that they are telling their story and I appreciate your kindness". I tell --- that she is simply wonderful and feel honored to have her as my new friend. I told her that she could come see me, connect with me anytime she wishes.
I prayed for ---. Before we said good-bye, she said, "My daughter, tell her to talk to me, because I can hear her when she talks to me and I am never far away".
I then said good-bye to my dear friend, until we meet again.
Gale Stein

#2 Australia

These souls will be referred to as MAN and WOMAN.
Upon connecting with Man and Woman, I asked Man if his wife was with him, he replied, "Yes, I don't go anywhere without her". It was then I was able to see Woman standing next to Man. Woman said, "Tell our kids that we are OK They will think we suffered, but we did not".
Man, "It was frightening at first, but we made it through OK"
Woman, "It was important that we stayed together".
Man, "Yes, she is my right-hand-man".
Woman, "He would be awfully lost without me".
I asked them to describe to me where they are now. Woman states, "We are in a kitchen, yes, we are in a kitchen and we are visiting with family and friends". I asked, "In the spirit world?" Man replied, "Yes, spirit to you, real to us. It's different in many ways of course. It's not like anything I ever remember seeing".
I tell them I would like to discuss what they have to say to their friends and family. Woman says with a chuckle, "We would like you to come and visit, but not until you are ready. Do not worry about finding us, we will find you. We will come for the holidays".
I asked Man to explain how he got from where he was to where he is now, man replied, "I was trembling and a hand reached out for me, but I was holding on to my wife and I wasn't going to let her go, but I took the hand that reached out for me".
I asked Man if he could see the face of the person that reached out for him, and he said, "Everything I felt I needed was attached to this hand. I took hold of this hand and then I remember weeping. I was weeping with so many emotions, like a child in its mothers arms. That's all I can remember, how good it felt to be where I was and to be able to weep and know that it was OK to weep and that I was being cared for".
I asked Woman, what she remembers of how she got from where she was to where she is now, she explained, "I remember being very frightened because I didn't know what to expect and that I didn't want to be left alone". Then I remember someone calling my name. I began running toward this little girl. She was calling my name, she was in a green field flying a kite and she called for me to join her. We ran and laughed while flying the kite on a beautiful sunny day. She called out my name over and over to come help her fly the kite. After, I felt peaceful and calm, I could see my husband standing in the distance, then I ran to him".
I asked them if they had something about the afterlife that they thought was important for us to know. Woman said, "There is a lot more going on up here than you think". Man states, "Lift your spirits, don't go through life with your head down, lift your head up".
I then asked them, "Do either of you remember the plane crashing or what was the last thing you remember about being on the plane?" Man responds with, "It felt like we were being pulled in one direction".
I asked them if they had any special instructions regarding the care of their body if and when it is found. Woman replies, "Throw it in the trash heap, I suppose it is in the trash heap by now". Man says, "I don't suppose there is enough room in the casket for both of us. We are together, so I guess it doesn't make that much difference".
I asked them if I could pray for them, they agreed. I thanked them and asked if they had any final words before I ended my connection, Man said, "Tell my boys to keep their hats on".
Gale Stein


#3. Male, passenger, India

WARNING!!! Disturbing content. Please keep in mind, I am merely the messenger. I do not edit messages from spirit.
When we first made our connection, he had several spirits standing near him. He stood tall, smiled and presented himself politely.
"You will not speak until you are spoken to, when it is your time you can speak until then be quiet", is what I heard.
I asked him if he knew the plane was going to crash, he replied, "I had an indication". What was your indication, I asked. After a pause while thinking about his answer, I see the image of a man in traditional type Arabic clothing with his hands bound behind his back and he is on his knees. A man standing over him is yelling something at him in Arabic.
The man stands before me with his hands behind his back and spit at me. He then called me a Jew.
I asked him if he helped crash the plane, he said, "So what if I did".
When I decided to end the connection he began to walk away, then while turning toward me he said, "Oh one moment", and tossed a grenade to me.
This is a very angry young man and I do not intent to connect with him again. I pray God have Mercy on his soul and offer him forgiveness and healing!
Gale Stein

#4 Male, Nationality, Malaysian

I made a connection with Male. He showed me a small birthday cake; he is showing me that he is taking a photo of the girl with the cake in her hands. Male is very light hearted and has a joyful personality.
I asked Male what he remembers about the crash. He said he was sitting in the back. I asked him if he was sitting all the way in the back, and he replied, "No, not all the way". Male said, "The plane was jerking around and then falling to the right". As I see this, I see and feel myself tilting to the extreme right. I am able to see objects falling on top of him. He said, "It almost feels like I was upside down". Then Male says, "You must pray now". He said he felt like he needed to pray.
He said, ""So many people died, for what, for what purpose?" Then he said, "Why don't they take that somewhere else, why do they have to come here. They hate us, they killed us all, and why do you want to do that?"
I asked Male about what he saw. I asked him if there were men and how many men. He said he thinks that there were two. He saw two in the aisle. They walked up and down the aisle. One was in the back; one was more where he was. He said he asked them, "Why are you doing this?" The Male said the man turned and said, "Shut up and listen, you are all going to die". Then the plane was jerking. "There is nowhere to go", says Male. Male said the men were young, young men. He could not believe they were doing this.
I told Male that some people believe that the captain landed the plane and you are held hostage, "Hostage, for what, why?" Male replied. "Who am I?" I asked Male how he was doing, he replied with, "I miss my family; I should have spent more time with them. I should not have come here. I would like my time back. I missed everything that was important".
I asked Male if he was unhappy and he said, "No, I have a new life now, but I have many regrets. I should have done things differently".
I told him that he could do things differently now, and he said, "Yes, I learned from my life". He continues with, "I now walk freely and hope to do better". I asked Male if he knew where the plane is, he replied, "In a million pieces, you'll find nothing there, there is no one there, we have all gone. I asked him if he felt he was in heaven, he said, "I am at peace, I am at rest, and I am at a new dawn".
I tell Male that this is his opportunity to give a message to the world. He replied with, "Do you see me? I responded, "Yes". Then he said, "Tell the world don't forget me". My wife, she must understand, I'm not coming back".
I ask him about the men in the aisle, and he said, "They are too young for this, why do they want to take so many lives, what is their purpose?" I told Male that it did not matter what the purpose was anymore, it is his opportunity to grow and learn and be at peace. He made a joke and said, "I'm finally on vacation".
He showed me an image of himself at a beach. Male said, "I walk freely with no hindrances". I asked Male if the men told them why they were going to die, Male replied, "They said nothing, they just said we were going to die".
I explained to him that his family is full of grief and that they miss him terribly and hope that he did not suffer. Male replied, "I did not suffer". I asked him what he would like to tell the world, he said, "Don't forget us".
I prayed for Male and asked if he had a final message for his wife, he said, "Tell her to please forgive me".
I explained to him that his family is full of grief and that they miss him terribly and hope that he did not suffer. Male replied, "I did not suffer". I asked him what he would like to tell the world, he said, "Don't forget us".
I prayed for Male and asked if he had a final message for his wife, he said, "Tell her to please forgive me". I ended my connection with Male.
Gale Stein

#5 Female, India

I made an immediate connection with Female. She asked me if I wanted to ask her a question about the flight, I replied, "Yes". She begins with, "He told us to put our heads down to pray, you are going to die. I just couldn't believe it, what I was hearing". Then she said she knows me. I asked her how she knew of me. She said, "We were told of you, that you would be asking us questions".
I asked Female if she was OK and she replied with, "Yes, it's very beautiful here; Allah has been very good to me, Praise God". She continued with, "Tell my husband, I am happy here, I am with , (sounds like mamma). Music surrounds me, and the smell of roses". While laughing she continued with, "Not like your cooking. I know you cry for me, but don't. There is everything here I could want and need. Do not take your life for granted. Do the things you were talking about doing".
Then she said something about wings, such as "spread your wings".
Continuing on she said, "Take a trip to the mountains, the holy of holiest places is in your heart. Together that is where we will be and shall remain, no time for tears, don't waste your life". Then she explained that she is with her husband when he walks through the garden. She said, "We will meet again".
I asked Female about the crash again. She mentions violent jerking of the plane. I asked her who it was that told her to pray. She answered with, "Why would they do that, why would he do that. What is wrong with him, he must be out of his mind".
I asked he if there were others, "yes', she replied. "How many others?" I asked. "I can't be certain, two perhaps". I asked her if she thinks we will obtain proof of what really happened". She replied, "The veil will be lifted, people will discover the truth". I asked her, "how would they do that, the truth is buried".
As if she were in a daze she continued with, "There is no way out, there is nowhere to go but down".
I asked her why she thinks he did this. She states, "He prayed to his Allah. He felt certain that this is what he was to do. We were trapped with no way out".
I thanked Female for connecting with me and taking the time to speak to me. She said that she walks through a garden filled with roses. I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to say before we end our connection. She said, "This will be enlightened and many people will be hurt by the truth". Then she told me to let my heart guide me.
As I pray for Female, she sits on a bench in a garden of roses and taps on the bench next to her, indicating she is saving a seat next to her for her husband when he comes. She will be waiting for him in the rose garden.
Gale Stein

#6 Male, Nationality, not really sure.

F.Y.I. on this Male passenger, he boarded the plane under an assumed name, a stolen passport. I have two connections with him, each on a different day. The only reason I am telling you this is so you can understand what he is talking about and why he is so distraught.
This young man appeared in front of me with two spirits, one at each arm. This young man is high energy and seems to be agitated. He points his finger upward and refers to Allah. "Do you think I wanted this, I did it for Allah; we were supposed to be wealthy, but look, I have nothing? Where are the riches you promised me", he asked as he continued looking upward.
"I was promised everything and look what I have, nothing", he repeated. I asked him about his family, he stated that his family has nothing to do with this. He said they do not care about him. He tells me that he is being held, guarded, and cannot move forward. Then I heard one of the spirits who stood near him say, "He has much to learn". The young man is still very angry, I believe more so at himself than anyone else". The young man said, "I was lied to".
The young man shows himself throwing up due to his extreme nervousness. He said, "I was told I was going to be the king of kings". I asked him if he told anyone about what he was going to do and he said, "We were sworn to secrecy". I asked him if this was religious or about money, "Money, it's always about money", he replied.
I asked him if he was sorry for what he did, he said, "I am now, but I wasn't then". "Do you think they will offer forgiveness?" he asked me. I replied with, "Many will, yes". I asked him if he had any final words, his response was, "Tell them I'm sorry, I had nowhere else to go, there was nothing I could do.
Gale Stein

Second connection #6

Upon connecting with Male, he shows me the image of him pushed into my space and his hands are behind his back in handcuffs. I asked him, "Why are you showing yourself being treated unkindly?" and he replied, "I am being accused of possession of stolen documents".
I asked Male to be forthright in his answers to my questions. I asked Male, "Did you bring drugs onto the plane?" He replied, "I did no such thing". I asked him, "Were you asked to bring drugs or a weapon onto the plane?", there was no response.
I asked him, "Why did the authorities allow you onto the plane knowing you had committed a crime of false/stolen documents", he said, "Because they knew I was a stupid fool to try to get away with such a thing". I asked him, "Why would they let you on the plane knowing you may have a weapon or drugs? Did they suspect you of that?" He said, "I was strip searched". He continued with, "I was humiliated and asked God, please give me a better life". He explained this while crying.
The male then asked me, "Can you understand, I would do anything for a better life". I asked him what he was doing now and he told me that he was with Allah on his hands and knees praying for forgiveness. I asked him, "Do you remember the plane crashing?" He replied, ""I was getting very scared, it was very bumpy. We, the passengers, were wondering what was happening". He continued with, "I was told to buckle my seat belt and remain in my seat". Male then said, "The lights went out and the emergency lights went on. The plane tilted very far to the right".
The male recounts to me, that he remembers an explosion on the outside of the plane. I asked him, "Did you at any time get out of your seat to do harm to any of the crew or passengers?"
He replied, "No, I did not. I just wanted to get to where I was going, safely. I was praying". I asked him if he remembers how he got to where he is now from the plane, He replied, "I saw Jesus, he said to go with him and he would set me free". I asked Male, "Are you really free?" Male replied, "Yes, but I chose to beg for forgiveness and mercy and cleanse my soul".
I thanked Male and asked him permission to pray for him, he agreed. I ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#7 Young Adult, Female. France

You will notice that this particular connection has a much different feel to it than the others. Partly because this is a young adult and my sole purpose for connecting with her was for her father to know that I was in fact speaking with his beloved daughter. I am also guided as to how to proceed during a connection and only given information that is meant for me to know.
I begin by asking Female to give me personal information about her to help identify her to her father. I notice an elderly woman standing at Female's left side, the male side of the family. This woman is elderly and dressed in traditional Asian type clothing. She wears slippers on her feet. I feel this is a nurturing grandmother type. I hear the name that sounds like, "Yunni" I hear this woman speaking in a foreign language similar to Chinese.
Female states that a blessing of some sort was given on her behalf before the trip. Many young children surround Female. They are holding her hands and milling around her as I speak to her. Female does not seem to remember much about the crash. What she does remember is that she and a male companion were engaged in some type of activity such as watching a movie or such.
I ask her to tell me something personal about herself. She rolled up her right sleeve and told me that she wanted to get a tattoo, but her family is very strict and would never consent to something like that. Female shows me that she has a few very close girlfriends. She is showing me that she wore a uniform to school.
I see images of a wedding. I'm not sure if it is her own she is dreaming of or has recently attended a wedding or there is to be a wedding in the near future. The wedding was not to be hers; her father's wish was that she goes to college.
I feel as if she had a small pet, a dog and a cat or either one. She is stating that she was awarded a medal or ribbon or certificate of some sort, this is something she is very proud of. She shows me a necklace that she wears, her father gave it to her is the impression that I get. She is showing me a greeting card or a poem. She said her father is going to be so sad, as she is referring to something written that she wrote herself or that she wrote on a card that she gave to him.
Female says, (referring to her father), "I am your daughter and I will never be far away". When he sits on the side of the bed at night crying, she is sitting next to him with her hand on his shoulder. Female states that her father becomes sad when he picks up and looks at a framed photograph of her. She says that she is with him as he does this. I ask Female to tell me about her father, things that only she might know about him. She said, "He can be grumpy" and that he does not like to admit it but he likes Pizza. She continued with, "There is a small groove at the top of his head". She says this as she makes a circular motion over her head.
Female said, "He saw a ghost once and about peed his pants". Then she asked me if she was a ghost, I told her no; ghosts are spirits who choose to stay earthbound". I told her, "You have crossed over into the light, you are a loving spirit". Then she asked what she looked like, I told her, "just like the photograph of her that I was looking at". Then I asked her how I looked to her and she replied, "You have many protrusions of colors and lights coming off of you". I show Female my Fire Opal cross necklace I was wearing around my neck, because she had shown me a necklace that was special to her. She took her necklace off and showed herself placing it into her father's hand. She said, "give this to my father and tell him to keep it for me, he can return it to me when we meet again. It's very important to me. Keep it safe for me daddy".
Female states that her father loves to read the newspaper, he is always reading it. When he eats, he reads the newspaper. She points to a tooth in the front of her mouth; I don't know what the significance is of that. Now she is showing me the wedding again. She shows me a beautiful diamond ring on a finger. It is an engagement or wedding ring. This is important to her, but i don not know why. I hear the names, sounds like (Chloe and Tinker bell). Female says, "Daddy, take care of Chloe".
Female raises her arms over her head and suddenly I see large butterflies covering her. "I'm in a sea of butterflies", she said. I asked her if she was alone, "No, there are many of us. There are children and I have plenty to do. It is just like being home but without you, (referring to her father). "I feel free up here; there is nothing that is bothering me. It is peaceful and joyful. I can spread my wings and be one with the butterfly".
She continued with, "I love you daddy, I'll be watching over you, stop crying and enjoy your life the best that you can without me. Time will pass quickly and soon we will be together again. I will be checking in on you from time to time. I am very happy and my heart is full".
Female then said, "Don't forget about the party". As she was leaving and I was ready to end my connection, I took my necklace off and handed it to her. She said, "We don't need that here, God is all around us". I asked her if I could speak to her again later. "Of course", she said. "Tell him I love him and I'll see him soon". I ended my connection. I re-connected the next day....

Second Connection #7

I re-connected with Female for a few final questions. I asked Female how many men she thinks caused the plane to crash. "Three or four, it was very confusing". She did not remember much if anything about the crash, she wanted to talk about her father again. She said that she is a princess and that she was to marry a prince. She said that she and her father were at odds with his strictness. She said that her father was quiet and did not speak much. She referred to her father as being "old fashioned". She said that she was in a Chinese garden with a waterfall. She dreams of her wedding and says that her father can walk her down the aisle when he comes to the other side.
We ended our connection
Gale Stein

#8 Male, U.S.A.

I suspect that many of you will know who this passenger is; nevertheless, I have as with the others assigned a number with the name. Names are omitted in these posts. This gentleman is one of a few that I spoke with on the morning of the crash. I had the good fortune to connect with him again last year, actually twice. I made several attempts to contact the spokesperson for his family to no avail. Perhaps now, the message that was meant for them will be received.
Upon making a connection with Male, I asked him to relay to me what happened. He replied with, "Wholly crap, how the hell could they let something like this happen". Then he said, "How were these people let on board, like you've got to be kidding, right! What the hell is this, is this a joke?"
Male continues with, "Tell my mom I never expected this, I never expected to not get off the plane". I asked Male if he knew where the plane is? "In the Indian Ocean I suspect", was his reply. I asked him what he remembers, he said, "Lots of jolting, people in the aisles, and a lot of arguing and fist fighting going on". I asked Male, "How could three or four men take over a whole plane?" Male replied, "We were told to stay in our seat, the plane was going to crash, to put our heads down and pray, that we were all going to die".
Male then said, "Some of us wanted to get up, but we were told to stay in our seats". I asked him, "By whom were you told to stay in your seats?" He said, "The stewardess, the stewardess told us to stay in our seats. I think the captain came out and was arguing with a man, and the man shoved him". I told him that many people think that you are all still alive and being held hostage somewhere, Male replied, "I wish, I could have at least had a chance to fight my way out of that. Once the cabin filled with smoke, it was lights out!"
I told Male that I did not understand how 288 people could not take down three men. Male said, "We didn't have to, we were walled off". I asked Male, "What gave the men in the aisle that started the commotion the power to make the crew comply with their demands?" Male replied, "He was a heavy hitter, it was over before we knew it started". Male said, "I miss my dog". At that point, I felt it was best to end the connection. I prayed for him and thanked him.
Gale Stein

Second connection with #8

Upon connecting with male, I asked if he had something to say to his wife. Male replied, "I know she misses me and is doing everything she can to find me". I asked male, "Does your wife work for the government?" He replied, "Yes". I asked him, "What branch of the government does she work for?" he said, "Intel". I then asked him "What country is she affiliated with?", he stated, "Saudi Arabia"
I asked male, "Were you aware of sensitive cargo on board the plane?" He said, "There are secrets that are not meant to be told". I explained to male that every bit of information he can give me might help us to find the plane". He said, "The military is at work, there is sensitive information on board".
I asked him if he remembers an explosion on the plane? He is showing me and having me feel a concussive force to my chest. In addition, he is extremely nauseated and vomiting. He is sweating profusely. It is very stuffy and hot, there is no fresh air circulating.
I asked Male if he recalls the plane being hi-jacked? He said, "I recall hearing a female flight attendant saying that we must put our head down, we must stay in our seat and fasten our belt tightly". I was then able to hear the high pitch roar of the engine. I feel as if the plane is falling.
Male explains to me that they lost the lights, that it was dark. Male says, "I think I heard a pop, it came from the outside. I heard them say we were having trouble and that we would turn back to land". Male continues with, "I wondered why we were not landing". I told Male that it appears that the planes communications were down, and he responded with, "All systems were down". I asked male if he recalls what the crew was saying about the incident, he said he recalls them using the word, "Malfunction".
I asked male if he thought this was an assassination attempt for one or more passengers on the flight? He replied, "No, those people could be popped off at any time, you don't need to take a whole plane down for that". I asked him if he recalls a fire on the plane, he replied, "No, I don't recall, if there was, it wasn't where I was". I asked him if he remembers the hull being breached? He said "Yes, we definitely could have used some fresh air in there, but I don't remember that".
Then he said, "I do remember seeing my dog". I asked male, "Do you remember how you got from the airplane to where you are now?" Male replied, "Yes, I remember seeing my dog, my dog came running toward me. I greeted my dog and then we left the plane". I asked male if he could describe to me where he was now, he said, "yes, I met my dog and he took me to where some friends and family were gathered waiting for me". Then he said, "The plane didn't matter any longer. I am content where I am now".
I told male, "They are having difficulty locating the plane", he said, "Well that is what I heard". I asked him if he could offer any insight as to where it might be, he said, "No, I can't assist you with that". I asked male if I could pray for him, he said "Yes, will you tell my mom that I love her. You know those things you worry so much about in life, they have no place here, and they are obsolete. I asked him if he had a message for his wife, he said, "She is under a lot of stress right now, her job has a lot to do with it". I told male that some people believe that your wife has a hidden agenda and perhaps she knows where the plane is. Male laughed and said, ""Well, my wife does what she is told, they want her to jump through a hoop, she will jump through a hoop".
As I began to pray for male, he placed his index finger to his lips and said, "I might have something for you, go to the inside straight". I asked male, if he had any thoughts on why if indeed the plane went down, he said, "Well, they didn't want what was on board to get to where it was going". Then he said, "I think it was a case of mistaken identity". I asked him, "What do you think was on board that was so precious?" He replied, "Secrets and lies". Male then says to me, "Ask my mom ask my wife, where she hid the ring?"
I asked male again, "Do you have any idea where the plane might be?" He said, "When you go where you are not supposed to go, they have every right to shoot at you".
I thanked male and told him that he seemed to be feeling much better than the first time I spoke to him, he said, "Oh yeah, the grass is much greener on the other side". I asked him if he had any final words, he said, "Yes, take down the banner, I'm not coming home".
I thanked male and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#9 Male, New Zealand

Again, some of you may know who this loving soul is, please help me get his message to his family.
Upon making a connection, I have difficulty speaking with him, he wants to show me images. He shows me the face of a man; I do not yet know whom the man is or why Male is showing me his face. Male is showing me that there was a physical altercation in the front of the cabin; this is where his seat was located. Male shows me a man, arguing with and physically assaulting the captain.
I asked male if he was OK?  and he replied, "I'm a bit weak in the knees, hell of a thing". I took hold of male's hands and asked him if he was aware that the plane had crashed. I then heard, "In the ocean". I asked male if he would be willing to tell me what he remembers about the incident. Male began to show me faces of the crew members, a male Stewart, (flight attendant), and another man, the same man he showed me earlier.
Male is showing me that a fight broke out at the front of the plane, I see the captain and the crew gathered around him. There is arguing and shoving. A female attendant shoved into a row of seats. Then I hear the statement, "It was a growing concern". I then saw the image of a door opening or a breach in the hull of the plane, and a man sucked out of the opening.
Man is very shook up and still in shock so I did not want to press him. I asked that he concentrate now on what he would like to say to his family and the world. Male became emotional when he said he could not believe that he would not be able to see his boys grow up. Then he said, "This just has to be killing my wife". I asked him if he had a message for the world, He said, "How can you let this happen. You think that you are going to be safe. What kind of crazy bastards are flying these planes anyway? Why would he do this to us? I don't know you man, but why would you do this to us?"
At that point I was able to hear the statement, "I'm the captain on this bridge, and you will do as you are told". Male then said, "Those crazy bastards, they wanted to kill us. They need to leave that shit at home and not bring it up here with them. Why would he make us suffer so? What did they do to him?"
I asked male if he remembered a fire? He replied, "I remember seeing a bright flash". I asked male if he had anything to tell his wife, he said, "Tell your mom and dad, thank you for everything they did for us". He continued with, "I will come and see you when I am feeling better. I have to stay strong for the boys; I will watch them grow up".
I asked male if he would agree to me checking in on him later to see how he is doing, he agreed, he said, "That would be fine". I thanked male and said a prayer for him. Male said, "Tell the guys I won't be there for lunch and I will miss you all. It seems that I have other things to do now".
I thanked male and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#10 Female, India

When I connected with female, several spirits accompanied her; the one who stood at her right, I believe was her spirit guide. Female showed herself dressed in traditional East Indian attire; the vibrant colors were in shades of mostly red. She was barefoot. I explained to female why I connected with her and thanked her for allowing me to speak.
I asked her what she remembers about the crash. "I'm not sure, I think I was sleeping". She said this while making wavy hand movements in the air. "The plane began to fly upside down and made terrible noises. The lights went out and people were screaming". I asked female if she thinks she is still alive and held hostage somewhere. "Alive, no, not in the physical sense, I am surrounded by beauty everywhere I look. There is peace and harmony. I prayed to God and when I woke up, I was here".
I asked her, "Where is here?" she replied, "There is a babbling brook, I walk in it to cool my feet. The birds sing all around me. I praise God that all is well". I ask female to tell me about the airplane. "We were falling at a great rate of speed". I ask female if she has a message for her family. She replied, "Tell them that peace abounds, the moment of truth is near, accept it in your heart, this will set you free". Then she waved her finger back and forth in front of her saying, "Don't take your life for granted, see the beauty in everything. I am at peace, I am grateful for my bounties".
I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to tell me about the plane crash, she said, "We were not meant to survive, no goodwill come of this". I told female, "Many families believe that you are still alive and being held hostage somewhere". Female responded with, "That is ridiculous, rejoice for our freedom. Search your hearts, the answer is there. Be kind to yourself in this hour of need. I am free".
I asked her if she had a message for her daughter, female said, "My daughter and I will speak in private". I asked her if she has a message for her husband, she replied, "My husband will know where to turn".
Female told me that she was grateful for the opportunity. I asked her if she were willing, that I contact her again. She replied, "There is no need, I am well on my way". I prayed for female, thanked all involved in making the connection, and ended my connection with the loving spirit of female.
Gale Stein

#11 male, China

Upon connecting with male, his demeanour was one of agitation, he began explaining that he does not know anything and that he lost his life like everyone else and does not understand why I would think he had something to do with it.
I asked him to explain to me what happened on the plane. He said, "They were in the aisles screaming"; I asked him, who was screaming? He replied, "The men". "How many men?" I asked. "Three", he said. He continued with, "There was too much noise, I couldn't see anything". He said that he went on the trip, "I just wanted to be with my friends", he does not know why people think he is in on this, and it is very disturbing for him. I asked, "Please calm down" and told him that I was asking everyone the exact same questions and that he could be very helpful to us by staying calm and doing his best to answer the questions. I then took a moment to pray for him and ask he receive a blessing.
I ask him to tell me everything he remembered and then I will be happy to pass on a message to his family for him. "Tell my family I don't know what happened, if they think I did this, I did not". He continues with, "I swear to Allah I did not do this, I want this over, and I want peace in my life".
I asked him how I could help him find peace. He said, "There are letters; there are handwritten letters to his family. He began to show me large flat items, such as letters. I thought he was referring to hand written letters, but then they looked larger, like creative letters, or sketches or paintings or such. "It's the story of my life", he said. I now feel his anger releasing as he talks about his letters; he is calmer and more peaceful.
"This is my life", he says as he runs his hands over the individual papers, the various articles of art he refers to, (what appear to be paper, but could be canvas). "This is my life; I'm a man of peace". He talks about his book of art being lost. He says that it was his life; he put so much of his heart and soul into it.
I explained to him that his art was his soul and his soul lives on, that he in essence is his art and that the ability to express that will never die or be lost. He told me that his art was an expression of his life and he would like it to be seen. I told him that, "I would pass that along and that I was confident that his artwork would be found and publicized, and that he would be remembered for a very long time".
I asked him if he would consent to connecting with me again later, he said he would. When I left him he was in a much calmer state of mind. Later that evening I re-connected with him to see if he was feeling any better. I explained to him that his story would be told and not to fear, any misunderstanding has been cleared up long ago. I told him that his reputation was in high standing as a loving person and a respected artist. I told him that I would like to post his paintings for the public to enjoy and asked what he would like to have me say. He said, "There are many other artists to be recognized, I am only one". He continued with, "My heart will sing to know that we have not been forgotten". I told him that I would like to connect with him from time to time to see how he is doing. He swept his hand over his head and said, "I will be painting in the sky".
Gale Stein

#12 Female, Chinese

When I made the connection with female, she immediately said, "That's an old photograph", and gave a chuckle. I wondered how she knew I was looking at that particular photograph provided for me?
I asked her how she was doing, she replied, "yes, I'm fine, I'm with my family. My husband, I feel so bad for him, he is so sick and has no one to take care of him. What will become of him and who will take care of him now? Perhaps soon we will be together and then we can all be together, him and my family".
I told her that her husband is so worried about her and that he wants to know if you are still alive. She replied, "Me, still alive, no, I don't think so". She continued with, "I am fine, I'm with my family, I am very happy". I told her that her husband wanted to know if she had suffered, she said, "I was scared because I didn't know what was happening. I did not know what was going to happen. We were told to pray and I did".
I asked her what it was that she wanted to tell her family in the physical world, she said, "Tell them they must not worry about me, I'm fine. There is no need to worry; I would tell you if there was. Tell my husband not to worry, we will be together soon and we will see each other when you come. We will be together, don't worry, I will take care of you here".
Female refers to her family when she says, ""I don't know why they worry so much, tell them to stop worrying. If I did not like it, I would tell you".
I asked female to tell me about what was happening on the airplane. She said, "There was so much confusion, everyone was yelling, everybody was yelling, shut up and listen, we have something to tell you. You are all going to die. Bow your heads and pray to your God".
Female said, ""I didn't know what to do, I didn't think it was a joke, I was very frightened. I didn't know what to do, what could I do?" She continued with, "There were loud noises, I don't remember after that, and it's OK, I don't want to".
I asked her if she would like to see the men who did this punished, she said, "That is not my concern anymore, that is for someone else to decide. Tell my husband I'll wait for him and we can be together with the family. I'll see him soon, don't be frightened, I'll be waiting for you".
I prayed for female, thanked all involved in making the connection possible and said good-bye.
Gale Stein

#13 male, Crew, Malaysia

Upon connecting with male, he began by saying, "We did not see this coming, this shouldn't happen. There are precautions and measures to make sure this does not happen, yet somehow it was allowed to happen. Something went wrong somewhere; I hate to hazard a guess. What will my daughter do without a father, who would take that away from us?"
I asked male to tell me what he remembers, he said, "Things were underway before I knew what was happening". I asked him if he thought the captain was involved, male said, "He most certainly was". Male then said, "I tried to reason with him, but it was too late. How dare them".
I asked male "Who"? He replied, "The kids that did this, what is the world come to, why they were allowed on board". I asked him who he was speaking of and he said, ""The boys without a passport".
I asked male who else he thinks was in on this. Male said, "There was one other, the leader, he had fire in his eyes. We were being pushed and shoved, everything happened so quickly".
I was then able to see an image of a man speaking Arabic, arguing with who I believe was the captain, as I could not see his face. The argument was so heated it almost came to blows.
I asked male what messages he would like to send to his family and the world. Then I explained to him that his daughter thinks he may still be alive. He replied with, "My darling, I will always be alive in your heart, you just can't see me. Many of us are still in shock, we just can't believe what happened".
I asked him if he knew where the plane was, "It still has not been located". He replied with, "That doesn't surprise me; they haven't been looking in the right place". "What is the right place"? I asked. He said, "In many places".
I asked him if he believes the plane exploded before it crashed. He replied with, "There was a fire, an explosion, yes. Perhaps you'll never find us".
I asked male, what he wants to tell his daughter, he said, "I want to tell her that I am giving her a big hug and kiss from where I am, and that I'll always be by her side. There will not be a day that goes by that I do not think of her. I read all of her notes. Do good in school, marry a nice young man, have lots of babies and know that I am near experiencing all of these joys with you".
Males message to his wife is, "Time for tears is over, there is no more need to morn, this was unexpected, how could I have known, I left so many things unfinished. But they are of no concern to me now; I will live on in our heart this I am sure".
I prayed for male and I thanked all that helped in making this connection.
Gale Stein

Second connection #13

Upon connecting for the second time with male, I asked him how he was, he replied, "I'm doing well". I asked male if he recalled a fight between passengers and the crew on the airplane, he replied, "There was no fight, no". I asked male, "in your recollection, was the plane being hi-jacked"? he replied, "There was to be a change of course". I asked him, "Why was there to be a change of course?" He replied, "Because it was demanded". I asked, "By whom", he said, "The Arab boy".
I asked him, "Did he have a weapon"? Male replied, "He was going to kill us all". I asked male, "Why didn't you physically restrain this boy"? Male states, "How could I, my hands were tied". I asked male, "Did this boy have a weapon"? Male said "He had power and strength". I asked him if this boy worked alone, and male said, "He had others assisting him". I asked male, "What gave him the power and strength"? Male replied, "He will kill us all, we must stay calm and do as he says".
I asked male, "What does he want you to do"? Male replied, "To die for his cause". I asked male, "Where was the captain"? Male said, "The captain was diverting the plane". I asked male, "Why"? He replied, "He was doing as he was told". I asked male if he knew what happened to the co-pilot. Male replied, "He was incapacitated".
I asked male, "Do you recall how you got from the airplane to where you are now"? Male said, "I was brought here from my family". I asked male if he was happy and he said that he was living a life of freedom. Male said, "I am very content and well on my way". I asked male, "Do you think the In-flight supervisor had any culpability in this incident"? Male replied, "There was a lapse in judgement". I asked male about the failed communications on the plane, he said, "I was assured that it would be corrected shortly and that everything would be alright and that we were to proceed".
I asked him about boarding at a gate that was unusual, he said, "There was an incident, we were holding things up". I asked male, "Do you know where the plane is now"? He replied, "In God's hands"
I asked male, "What would you like to say to your children"? He said, "Keep writing to me, I receive all your messages. Find something to love and stick with it. Keep your faith in God and we will all pull through this together, I am not far, I come when you ask. You must stop crying and start living. I want to see joy in your face again. Share my happiness with me. I am at peace, joyful and happy. I am not in misery, neither should you be. Remember me as a good man, that is how I want to be remembered".
I asked male if I could pray for him, he agreed. I thanked male, said good-bye, and ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#14 male, Chinese

When I connected with male he said, "I had everything to lose, but I will rebuild my life where I am". I asked male if he knew where he was and he replied, "In a marshmallow heaven, you can fall down and not get hurt". He continued with, "There was a commotion at the front of the plane; nobody really knew what was going on". I asked male if he had anything he wanted to say, any messages to send. He replied, "My mom, I miss her and I miss her cooking and I love her very much". He then said, "I will miss my life, but I have a new life".
Male refers to a young woman, "I appreciate how pretty you are and how nice you smelled". Male then mentions going to a Buddhist Temple to pray. I asked him if he went to a Buddhist Temple now to pray, he replied, "Yes, it's very peaceful here, this is much going on here, I am not alone. Everyone is very kind, my spirits are high, and I am glad to be OK".
I asked him if he was happy, he said, "I worked very hard and now that is over, I don't have to work that hard, there is more enjoyment here". I mention to him that he appears to be very happy and upbeat. He said, "I am happy for the life that I had and all it brought to me, but it's time to move on and those things don't matter much here. I am moving in another direction. There is much peace and calmness, no hurry to do anything".
I asked male if there was anything he wanted to tell the world, he replied with, "Do not forget about us. Why have not you found us, we are right under your nose. Perhaps you choose not to see that which is most obvious, your blunder, and your mistake. I wish my family peace and in good time, we will be together again. I left my mark and now it is time to move on. There is no death for me, only life. I have no fear".
I prayed for male and thanked all involved in making this connection. I ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#15 Male, Crew, Malaysian

When I made my connection with male, I asked him how he is doing, He turned and pointed behind him, stating, "I am fine, I am with my family". His demeanor is upbeat and cheerful. I asked him what he remembers about the crash. He said, "They pushed him down to lie on the floor". I was able to see the image of him looking at the shoes of a man who stood at his head while he was face down. The pants were slacks not jeans, the shoes were lace up and black, they looked to be shiny or polished, in good condition.
Male said, "It was chaos, people were screaming, there was no control. They wanted to get out but there was no way out". I asked male if he had a message for his family, "Tell them I love them, and give grandpa a kiss for me". I told male that some believe they are still alive and that the captain landed the plane and all of the passengers and crew are being held hostage. Male replied, "No, I don't think so, that's not how I see it. It doesn't feel like that to me". I told him that we have not found the plane yet and that we are trying very hard through clues to find it.
I asked male if he thought he might be able to help us, he replied, "I don't know, in the ocean perhaps. We were jerking and bumping and then the captain came out". I asked male why he thought the captain came out, I received no response. Male then said, ""Tell my family, I did not kill them". I told male that I would tell them, but I am sure nobody thinks you did. Male then said, "I'm a professional and I take my job seriously and I want them to know, nothing could be done, it was out of our hands".
I said a prayer for male and asked if I could check in on him to see how he is and he agreed. I ended my connection.
Gale Stein

#16 Male, Crew, Malaysian

Upon making my connection with male, I wondered where he got the nickname "Rain". I heard him reply, "It's raining sugar". Male is very happy and light-hearted. I asked him if he had a message he wanted me to pass along to his family, he replied, "The sky is blue, I lived the life I want, what could be better. I am very happy where I am. There is no need to cry, there is no need to worry. Everything is good here. My life was all a happy memory and I have much to do now, for others and myself. Don't waste your time feeling sorry for me, there is no need". He then blows an air kiss, stating, "I give cherry blossom kisses to all".
I asked him to tell me what happened to the plane, he replied, "The plane blew up, perhaps it was God's will". Then I asked him, "How is it possible this day in age someone could blow up a plane"? He said, "Many things are possible when on looks the other way. You take things for granted, people get sloppy and slide through the system'. I asked him if he thought the captain was in on it. He replied, "The captain was misguided". I asked him, "How is it that two or three men were able to do this"? Male said, "The incident was contained". I asked him if he knew where they were when the plane exploded, "In the ocean or in the Indian Ocean" Is what I heard.
Male said, "There was nothing we could do, where would you go"? I asked him if there was anything else he would like to tell me before we ended our connection, he said, "Yes, throw confetti instead of bombs!"
I prayed for male and ended our connection.

Gale Stein

"The plane is in the ocean at the southern most tip of the Maldives" -The Captain

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My spirit guide is showing me that a device was detonated on board MH370 and the plane was blown into many many pieces mid air, the explosion was so intense that the pieces are literally scattered so far apart across the ocean, some are even now stuck and partially buried in the ocean. This device being detonated was a deliberate act of terror which was very carefully planned and conducted. The person responsible sacrificed their own life in order to carry out this sickening attack and they did it as an extremist. This person didn’t act solely and had some assistance and was encouraged to act this way in revenge by terrorist groups. I am being told by my spirit guide that it happened instantly so like one press of a button and the plane was blown to smithereens.

I am told by my spirit guide that the odd piece may be recovered from the ocean over time and even years and years into the future but the plane is in so many small pieces that basically no. The only way the mystery will be resolved is if the authorities can trace the making and gaining of materials of the explosive device here to someone who was on board that plane and then they can start to piece together the puzzle but still it’ll never be a definite answer and would be left as a ‘it’s likely this happened’.

Psychic Answers MH370

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