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Help Get the Messages Out
Thank you for reading these sacred posts, please share in hopes of getting the messages to the families. I am so happy that you would take time to do this. Of course, share anyway you want. This is how we will get the word out to not only the families, but the world. It simply would not get out to the world without people such as you and others who follow their hearts and serve the greater good. Prayer is important, but what is more important to them is that the world receive their message and that they be remembered. I am grateful to you for reading these posts and for your kindness and support.


You might be wondering why I continued to ask them about their bodies. The answer is two-fold. One, this is a unique, perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity to understand that our bodies are merely a shell used to house our souls, our spirits. Our bodies are of no consequence to us when they die, we live on! Second, there was some speculation that the plane and wreckage had been found, that there may have been survivors and that the plane and passengers were all taken to an unknown destination in the dark of night to be destroyed or hidden in an attempt at covering up a big, nasty secret. I believe we've proven by those who were there first hand, that it simply did not happen that way.

I have not made contact or have had spontaneous contact with the passengers since last year. By the end of the connections, #48, the window was closing. It was getting increasing difficult to maintain a connection and obtain information. I thought about capitalizing the word Captain and was inclined not too, but my gut, my heart suggested otherwise. I tread very lightly and am always guided by spirits as to how to proceed. But I totally understand. As for the blanks, I had to leave names out for obvious reasons. Hint, I think I mentioned one name in an earlier post. The others were coordinates that I believe I spoke of in the first post of the captain. I will go back to be sure I did not inadvertently leave anything out.

If you are wondering why I ask the same questions over and over, it is to get to the truth and past the lies.  When we die, we pick up where we left off, I always council people to deal with their issues in this life. Most people are unaware that you carry the same emotional baggage in death as you do in life. 

I was so very hesitant to post this. Especially last year, the climate was not right. Families were not ready to hear their loved ones had died. They clung to the story of survivors and kidnapping. I feel better about it this year. The world wants to know the truth, here is the truth, right under their noses. But will they accept it? Not for me to worry about. My job is to publish the truth. The reality of it is only a handful of people will see it, but it only takes that one person to get this out to the world.

Gale Stein/Lori Vough McEwen

Gale Stein / Lori Vough McEwen
"I sincerely have goose bumps while reviewing this well thought out and comprehensive article on the Mh370 posts. There are no words that can adequately express how grateful not only I, but every soul on Mh370 feels toward this article. It absolutely meets my approval. Thank you for your time, efforts and above all, your thoughtfulness in this project." - Gale  

"The plane is in the ocean at the southern most tip of the Maldives" -The Captain

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My spirit guide is showing me that a device was detonated on board MH370 and the plane was blown into many many pieces mid air, the explosion was so intense that the pieces are literally scattered so far apart across the ocean, some are even now stuck and partially buried in the ocean. This device being detonated was a deliberate act of terror which was very carefully planned and conducted. The person responsible sacrificed their own life in order to carry out this sickening attack and they did it as an extremist. This person didn’t act solely and had some assistance and was encouraged to act this way in revenge by terrorist groups. I am being told by my spirit guide that it happened instantly so like one press of a button and the plane was blown to smithereens.

I am told by my spirit guide that the odd piece may be recovered from the ocean over time and even years and years into the future but the plane is in so many small pieces that basically no. The only way the mystery will be resolved is if the authorities can trace the making and gaining of materials of the explosive device here to someone who was on board that plane and then they can start to piece together the puzzle but still it’ll never be a definite answer and would be left as a ‘it’s likely this happened’.

Psychic Answers MH370

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